A Year to Live


“To overcome our fear of death, we must first overcome the fear of life” ~ Stephen Levine.

Whether you are curious about the idea of death, challenged by it, or in fear of it, you could benefit from this course. Most of us are living in a death-denying culture, and only few are encouraged to actively contemplate how inevitable our death is, and how it could happen at any moment. But, us not thinking about the fact of death won’t make it go away, and the fear of death isn’t really solved by practical planning for it. Make a commitment and join me and a (small) group of like minded people in this year-long experiment that will offer you to live for a year as consciously as possible, and explore life, authenticity, and deep spiritual decluttering, with Stephen Levine’s introspective book A Year to Live. Spend January to December of 2022 deeply connecting with what’s most important in your life – practice of forgiveness, gratitude and letting go. Loosen your attachment to things that don’t serve you, and face the truth that none of us are guaranteed a single additional day in this life. This practice is for people of all ages, regardless of life stage, and you don’t have to be religious to take this course. We’ll focus on living life more fully through the exploration of death as spiritual practice. As Stephen Levine puts it, this is the opportunity to “resolve our denial of death as well as our denial of life”. Through guided meditations, inquiry, softening our resistance, inspirational readings, journaling and small group discussions, as well as the support of community, we will go through a process of living this 2022 year as if it were our last.


Twelve (once a month) 2-hour Zoom sessions, recorded for replay.
Private online community support through Telegram forum. 
Experiential and creative exercises and explorations. 
Home practices: guided meditations, readings, reflections, journaling.
Supplemental readings, videos, audios. 
Any additional material as the unique interests of our group unfold. 

* Every group member is responsible to get their own copy of the book A Year to Live (it is not included in the course).


Session 1: The Prognosis & Commitment to Healing
Session 2: Preparing for Death & Facing Fear
Session 3: Gently Noting & Softening to Fear
Session 4: Practicing Dying
Session 5: Life Review, Forgiveness, Gratitude & Making Peace
Session 6: Building an Altar & Service to Others
Session 7: Who Dies?
Session 8: And then What: Reincarnation, Rebirth & Letting Go
Session 9: The Body, Refuge & Impermanence 
Session 10: Earthly Preparations – A Will, Memorial & Epitaph
Session 11: Preparing to Depart
Session 12: Releasing & Saying Good-Bye


Monthly group sessions – every fourth Saturday: 
January 29 (attendance required), February 26, March 26, April 23, May 28, June 25, July 23, August 27, September 24, October 22, November 26, December 24.
Meeting Time: TBD.


Attend at least 10 of 12 monthly large group sessions. The first session is required to establish the safety and respect the shared commitment of our group.
Participate in home group sessions as skillfully and in depth as possible.
Complete homework assignments, practices, and readings.
Attend at least one program orientation session (this is required):
Thursday, January 13; 10:00 – 11:00 am Bali Time
Saturday, January 15; 5:00 – 6:00 pm Bali Time
Wednesday, January 19; 10:00 – 11:00 am Bali Time


Fee: $400 
Format: Online (includes monthly large group sessions, recordings, home practices). 
Full payment is required at registration. Payments are received via Wise (email me for instructions) or PayPal (https://paypal.me/marinakolaric).   
To register, please email me at: marina.kolaric79@gmail.com.  
Registration will be closed on the day the course starts (Jan 22nd, 2022).
Participants must register for the entire program in order to participate. 


On or before January 18, by 6:00 pm Bali Time — $100 cancellation fee.
January 19 and after— No refunds.

“As the future rapidly becomes the present, and the present condenses into the past, how do we stay fully alive each day?” ~ Stephen Levine 

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