Marina Kolaric


I’m of Slavic origin and born and raised in Yugoslavia, that soon after had transformed into Serbia and Montenegro, and suddenly shrank and ended up being just Serbia. At the age of 6, I spent 2.5 years in a small village in Sahara in North Africa.

When I was 27 years old, I moved to the US. From the island of Oahu, through the formalities of Washington DC, beaches of San Diego, red rocks of Sedona, all the way to the spectacular hills of Los Angeles.

Finally, at 39 I have moved to Southeast Asia – Thailand and Bali, respectively. I consider all of these places my homes and in a way my origins; origins of the version of me that was created after residing in them. I have been changing and molding, and becoming through these various places.

“We teach others what we need to learn”

I have been working for various organizations and in a variety of therapeutic communities and settings. As much as I love working within a team, very often I would feel as if I do not really fit in due to my unorthodox approaches and methods that I use in my work with others.

I have realized that I have to establish something of my own; something that will resemble me and my unique personality and story. So, this was the only way really.

Additionally, my work is very closely related to my personal transformation. Suffering and pain have been a big part of my past, as well as addictions and compulsive behaviors.

My personal recovery path started about six years ago, and since then life hasn’t been the same. Throughout one of my dear teachers I have learned that “we teach others what we need to learn”, and so my personal experience and my profession cannot be fully separated.

Finally, because we live in such a connected and, nowadays more and more, virtual world, it only makes sense to create a good online presence so I can reach everyone, at any time, worldwide.

8 Weeks Online
Mindfulness-Based Addiction Recovery (MBAR)

Date: TBD.
MBAR is a secular mindfulness-based approach promoting recovery from addiction and working positively with the prevention of slips and relapses.

Let’s chat?

Just to checkin and meet each other

What I’m offering is time with me, to work on issues that you chose to work on. My approach uses many different methods and therapeutic approaches. Through the process, it becomes clear what lies beneath the appearance that we tend to present to the world around us.

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